Eldritch Century - Commercial License


STL Files NOT included - License valid for one year from the month of purchase.

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Product Information

This commercial license covers all monsters & characters from the Eldritch Century Universe.

  • Minerva Agent male & Female
  • Atlantean Alliance (Adelita, Pioneer, Corsair, Dynamist and Knight)
  • Sino-Siberian Mandate (Spetsvoika, Political Officer, Monadist Monk, Mandate Guard, Teslamancer). 

  • Renascent Hegemony (Condottiero, Masque, Dreamer, Praetorian, Davinci Scientist).

  • Oceanic Community (Wayang Puppeteer, Shaman, Repurposer, Harpooner, Blood Warrior). 

  • Nisshoku Teikoku (Kinzokuoni, Mashin Master, Samurai, Shinobi, Kaizo).

  • Axumite Federation (Kherub, Ophan, Seraph, Erel, Malak).

  • Remnants (Cultist, Scout, Militia, Guard, Minion). 

  • Reaplings and Flying Reaper

  • Raptors and Tyrant

  • Gogs and Gogmagog

  • Horrid deer and Hellstag 

  • Living Nightmares (Thing that eats, thing that trades, thing that sings, thing that lurks, thing that caresses). 

  • Extra Monsters (Blooderfly, Human Spider-head, Horned Wolves, Mimetic body)

  • Atlantean Alliance Alpha Versions (Adelitas x2, Pioneer, Corsair and Dynamist)

  • Sino Siberian Mandate Alpha Versions (Executioner, spetsvoika, monadist monk, teslamancer, mandate guard). 

  • Monsters (Shrike, Remnant Warlord, Thing that helps, Thing tests, Thing that slaughters, thing that commands, legged, yog goat, boreal, accidental, dunestalker, keeper of the depths). 

    STL Files must be purchased separately. This commercial license does not include the STL Files.

    Selling digital files is strictly forbidden. This commercial license does NOT cover the PDF Corebook or any other PDF file from this universe.

Draco Studios
Universe Eldritch Century
Brand Eldritch Century