Dragonbond - Battles of Valerna - Commercial License


STL Files NOT included - License valid for one year from the month of purchase.

$50.00 / Digital


Total: $50.00


Product Information

This commercial license covers 44 unique 3D Models + 3D component models in the following STL Files:

Tyveria Army - Magnifex Dragon: Nagasha; Maghyr General, Adrael (masked and unmasked); Skorpikon Reavers (unit of 3 + Alternate Captain); Ogerron Phalanx (unit of 2 + Alternate Captain); Shiv Assassins (unit of 5 + Alternate Captain); Vespidai Impalers (unit of 3 + Alternate Captain); Blooded Claws (unit of 7); Shiv Alchemists (unit of 3); Ogerron Chain Tossers (unit of 3); Skorpikon Gore Lancers (unit of 2); Makanda, Blood Fountain Terrain; everything else included in the Tyverian Army Pack. 

Allaria Army - Fulgen Dragon: Ferellon; Dreamshaper General, Elyse (masked and unmasked); Oathguard Halberdiers (unit of 5 + Alternate Captain); Qirin Wardens (unit of 3 + Alternate Captain); Dreamshaper Casters (unit of 3 + Alternate Captain); Grand Guild Enforces (unit of 7 + Alternate Captain); Bucentaur Archers (unit of 2); Bucentaur Blades (unit of 2); Qirin Hunters (unit of 3); Oathguard Duelists (unit of 3); Aio, Terrain Pai Fang; everything else included on the Allarian army pack. 

Nahuac & Ysval armies are included in this commercial license. 

STL Files must be purchased separately. This commercial license does not include the STL Files.

Selling digital files is strictly forbidden. This commercial license does NOT cover the PDFs such as novels, graphic novels, RPG books, etc.

Draco Studios
Universe Dragonbond
Brand Battles of Valerna